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About SDAC

Within the strategy of the Government to develop the quality infrastructure for reinforcing the efficiency of conformity assessment bodies, the Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) was established as an independent referral entity for accreditation. SDAC is working under the umbrella of the Ministry of Cabinet and is fully supported by the Government. SDAC is the national accreditation body of SUDAN established under the Sudanese Accreditation Council Act, 2015.


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SDAC will carry out assessments, surveillance and reassessments of the Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) in order to determine its competence against the relevant international standards.
SDAC undertakes to apply the criteria for accreditation consistently in an objective and transparent manner and to utilize competent staff and assessors to provide the service.
SDAC’s Top Management is committed to deliver a high level accreditation service that goes beyond our customers’ and stakeholders’ expectations.

What Is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a formal third party confirmation that organizations providing conformity assessment services are technically competent and impartial to carry out their specific activities.
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Benefits Of Accreditation

Accreditation is an effective marketing tool for testing and calibration laboratories, certification and inspection bodies.
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Who Needs Accreditation?

All Conformity Assessment Bodies Subject to Accreditation:
• Testing, Medical and Calibration Laboratories.
• Inspection Bodies.
• Quality Management Systems and Persons Certification Bodies.
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Accredited Labs

Check and verify accredited laboratories, their locations, certificate, scope of accreditation….
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Our Services

Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) provides a variety of accreditation services to Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) in accordance with standards published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). SDAC accreditation programs are targeted to the following CABs


Accreditation Process

Step 1

CAB Applies

Conformity assessment body (CABs) Submit an application form through the website

Step 2

SDAC Appoints Team

SDAC Identify Team Leader and the Technical Assessor(s) according to the scopes of accreditation applied for.

Step 3

SDAC Team Review Documents

Document reviews are conducted by the assessment team on application for initial accreditation and again on application for renewal of accreditation.

Step 6

SDAC Issues Report and Recommendation

An assessment Report prepared by the Team Leader will be provided to the CAB through SDAC within one week after the closing meeting.

Step 5

Assessment Visit and Defining Nonconformities

Defining Nonconformities if any and Identify proposed corrective actions to nonconformities raised

Step 4

Pre-assessment Visit (Optional)

Applicant CABs submits corrective action evidences to address findings raised during the preliminary visit

Step 7

CABs Resolves non-conformities

CABs resolve non-conformities after 2weeks from the closing meeting and a period of 2 months is allowed for effective clearance of non-conformances.

Step 8

SDAC Granting Accreditation

After completions of all actions, the assessment documentation will be submitted to the Accreditation Committee, who will review the information submitted and make a decision for granted accreditation to CABs

Step 9

Annual Surveillance Visits

Annual surveillance visits and re-accreditation.



The Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) represents Sudan in many activities at regional and international levels. , the membership of the Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) is

The Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) is Associate member of the Arab Accreditation Cooperation (ARAC).

The Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) is a full member of the African Accreditation Organization (AFRAC).

The Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) is an Associate member of the International Halal Accreditation Forum of (IHAF).

The Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) is an Associate member of the International Halal Accreditation Forum of (IHAF).