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Participation of the Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) in the ‎celebration of World Metrology Day

Publish Date:June 07, 2022

To be open to collaborations aiming at promoting national accreditation programs and in ‎coordination with‏ ‏Nano Center for Measurement and Calibration, SDAC participated in the ‎event organized for commemorating the of World Metrology Day‏ 2022‏‎ at‏‎ Khartoum 39th ‎International Fair. Dr. Kamal Elhadi, SDAC Secretary General, gave the presentation “The ‎Importance of Accreditation and the Role of the SDAC in ‎Promoting National Conformity ‎Assessment bodies with Focus on Calibration Laboratories” highlighting the importance of ‎accrediting calibration laboratories in ensuring their efficiency ‎and enhancing confidence in the ‎measurement and examination results. It is worth noting that this event was coincided with ‎celebration of the World Accreditation Day 2022 under the theme: “Accreditation: ‎Sustainability in Economic Growth and the Environment”. Within this context Dr. Kamal ‎Elhadi during his presentation shed lights also on how accreditation can be a tool for ensuring ‎delivery of enhanced economic and environmental performance