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Participation of the Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) in the‏ ‏programme of principles and guideline for the assessment and use of ‎voluntary third -party assurance

Publish Date:September 01, 2022

The Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) participated in the programme of principles and ‎‎guideline for the assessment and use of voluntary third -party assurance organized jointly by Arab ‎Industrial Development, Standardization and Mining Organization (AIDSMO) and the United Nations ‎Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) which was held in ‎Amman during the period 30 ‎august-01 September 2022.‎
‏ ‏‎ The programme aimed to share awareness among regulatory and stakeholders in the Arab ‎region ‎about voluntary third-party accreditation programs (vTPA) by focusing on the principles ‎and ‎guidelines issued by the Codex Alimentarius, in addition its aimed to exchange theoretical ‎and ‎practical knowledge on the subject and its implementation in other countries, and to ‎develop a ‎regional approach to apply these principles for evaluating and using the voluntary ‎accreditation ‎programs in the Arab countries.‎