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Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) participated in online activities ‎during the Arab Accreditation week

Publish Date:June 11, 2021

Within the frame‏ ‏work‏ ‏of‏ ‏Arab Accreditation week and Commemorating: World Accreditation ‎Day‏ ‏Together towards enhancing the role of accreditation in supporting‏ ‏the achievement of the ‎Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the‏ ‏Arab region‏ ‏‎.Sudanese accreditation council ‎‎(SDAC) participated with ARAC members in‎‏ ‏a number of online activities held during the ‎AAW to demonstrate the ways for further developing the accreditation infrastructure in the ‎Arab region and highlight the pivotal role it plays in‏ ‏achieving the Sustainable Development ‎Goals (SDGs) in the Arab region, the activities‏ ‏includes:‎

• Webinar on the‏ ‏benefits of ARACMLA recognition to‏ ‏the ARAC‏ ‏Accreditation Body‏ ‏members and the‏ ‏benefits of‏ ‏accreditation to‏ ‏governments during the 08 June 2021.The ‎event, which comes in the context of the‏ ‏implementation of ARAC communication ‎strategy,‎‏ ‏will further contribute to strengthen the visibility of‏ ‏ARAC inside and outside ‎the accreditation‏ ‏community, supporting recognition and‏ ‏acceptance of the ARAC MLA ‎and services/products‏ ‏provided under accreditation issued by the ARAC‏ ‏accreditation ‎body members.‎
• Celebration of the WAD 2021 The online celebration includes interventions from‏ ‏ARAC ‎and the regional partner organizations to‏ ‏highlight the role of accreditation in ‎supporting the‏ ‏achievement of the Sustainable Development‏ ‏Goals (SDGs) in the Arab ‎region. In addition to‏ ‏selected interventions by some international‏ ‏experts. In addition, ‎examples will be shared on‏ ‏how accreditation and QI services may be applied‏ ‏to meet ‎objectives such as increasing trade,‎‏ ‏addressing health and safety concerns, and‏ ‏improving the general overall quality of output at‏ ‏national and regional levels during the ‎‎09 June 2021.‎
• Webinar on‏ ‏accreditation in the‏ ‏digital earth‏ ‏is webinar aims to review the best ‎experiences‏ ‏from the ARAC Accreditation Bodies on how they‏ ‏operate so far under the ‎specific situation ofCOVID-19 by using information and communication‏ ‏technologies ‎while, most importantly, maintaining‏ ‏the integrity and a robust accreditation system.‎‏ ‏The event will give ARAC AB members a common‏ ‏understanding and a guidance on ‎how to go digital‏ ‏in a harmonized way with an adequate during the 10 June 2021.‎
• Webinar on gender‏ ‏inclusivity and‏ ‏diversity amongst‏ ‏ARAC accreditation body ‎member’s‏ ‏digitalization tools to operate efficiently and‏ ‏effectively.‎‏ ‏Within the ‎framework of the implementation of‏ ‏the ARAC gender policy ARAC will organize‏ ‏exchange missions amongst the men and women‏ ‏representatives of the national ‎accreditation‏ ‏bodies in the Arab region to share experiences and‏ ‏success stories in the ‎field of gender inclusivity and‏ ‏diversity amongst their accreditation bodies, as‏ ‏well as to ‎learn on the best international practices‏ ‏in gender responsiveness & integration within ‎management and leadership‏ ‏during the 11 June 2021.‎