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visited of the Sudanese Accreditation Council (SDAC) to the Khartoum ‎Refinery Co. Ltd

Publish Date:July 07, 2021

Within the framework to develop accreditation activities programs in the country, the Sudanese ‎Accreditation Council represented by the General Secretary, Shams El-Din Omar Mohamed and ‎Director of the Laboratories Accreditation Department, Ayser Mohamed Abdellatif, visited the ‎Khartoum Refinery Co. Ltd Company and reviewed the development of the central laboratory ‎of the refinery in the field of analyzing oil and petroleum products. Also, the visit discusses ‎how the Khartoum Refinery implements a number of quality and safety systems and obtained ‎accreditation According to ISO/IEC 17025/2017‎‏.‏
The meeting was attended by:‎
• Mr. Mahgoub Hassan, General Manager of Khartoum Refinery Company‏.‏
• Mr. Hassan Hussein, Technical Director‏.‏
• Mr. Adel Dafa Allah, Director of the Central Laboratory‏.‏
During the Meetings, the SDAC presented introduction about the establishment of the Sudanese ‎Accreditation Council and its role and the benefits of accreditation to enhances the technical ‎efficiency of conformity assessment body. Also, the meeting concluded that the need for ‎integration of roles and cooperation in all areas to developing the accreditation infrastructure in ‎the country‏.‏